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Wikipedia has been one of the most referenced platforms for information about anything of note since its inception in 2004. Millions of people worldwide go to Wikipedia each day to learn more about topics of interest.

It is clear why Wikipedia holds great power of influencing public perception and opinion of individuals, companies, organizations, products, brands, and almost everything notable. With that great power comes great responsibility. The policies and guidelines set out by Wikipedia are challenging and often quite complicated to navigate.

This is where we come in. With over 20+ years of collective experience, our team of experts is familiar with the ethical and content guidelines of Wikipedia to ensure compliance, quality, and results.

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With a combined experience of 20+ years, our researchers and writers are experts at drafting well-sourced high quality content for your Wikipedia page.


We have consulted and worked for celebrities, politicians, influencers, public figures, associations, startups, associations, and companies of all sizes.


Wiki Moderator is Wikipedia compliant. We follow the policies and guidelines provided by the Wikipedia community to ensure competent deliveries.


We are firm believers of providing exemplary customer service. Your project is managed by a team of consultants who are always eager to assist you every step of the way.

Our Wikipedia Services

Driven by Data, Creativity, Strategy and Expertise

  • Eligibility Assessment

    Researching and diving deep into the internet to find credible, reliable, and independent sources for your Wikipedia page.

  • Article Writing

    Writing a well-sourced encyclopedic article as per Wikipedia’s manual of style and content guidelines.

  • Article Publishing

    Publishing your article on Wikipedia to preserve your legacy in one of the world’s most referenced website.

  • Article Improvement

    Improving existing articles with entirely fresh language, new content, removal of errors and misinformation, and additional references.

  • Page Monitoring

    Monitor your Wikipedia page for spam, third-party edits, protection from competition, and insights into page visitors.

  • Article Translation

    Write and publish your Wikipedia articles in different languages for reaching new audiences worldwide.

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research, analysis, planning


developing the first draft


modifications & revisions


uploading the final content


monitoring changes

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